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Office of Student Access and Completion

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Executive Director: Bob Brew

Statutory Authority: ORS Chapter 348

It's no surprise that the cost of a postsecondary education, whether it's a vocational, four-year, or graduate program, is steadily increasing and becoming a greater financial burden to Oregon students and families. The Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) can help. Through grant programs, scholarships, precollege mentoring, and financial aid outreach programs, OSAC assists Oregonians in their pursuit of a college education and a brighter future.

Established in 1959 by the Oregon Legislature, OSAC continues to provide innovative programs to thousands of Oregon students and families to ensure access to postsecondary education. Each year, OSAC awards grants and scholarships of more than $118 million to thousands of Oregon students in their quest to achieve a college education.

As a national leader in public/private partnerships of scholarship and innovate outreach programs, OSAC administers the following programs: Scholarships, the Oregon Opportunity Grant, the Chafee Grant, the Childcare Grant, ASPIRE (Access to Student assistance Programs In Reach of Everyone) as well as smaller funding programs.

We all benefit when our citizens are educated. It's the solution to a strong Oregon economy. You can support OSAC in creating a strong Oregon college going population by donating to a scholarship, creating a scholarship, becoming an ASPIRE volunteer or volunteering for a scholarship committee. Your efforts will help improve someone's life.

OSAC also works to protect the citizens of Oregon and their postsecondary schools by ensuring the quality of higher education and preserving the integrity of an academic degree. This is done through the Office of Degree Authorization (ODA). In addition ODA protects Oregonians by identifying diploma mills and is the office dedicated to hearing adverse impact cases between postsecondary institutions. On July 1, 2012 ODA will move from OSAC to the newly formed Higher Education Coordinating Commission.


To expand opportunities for Oregonians to complete their higher education and career training goals through information, mentoring, and financial aid.


Every Oregonian is able to achieve success through education and career training.


Responsible Risk Taking