Domestic Partnerships


The state of Oregon has recognized domestic partnerships since 2008. Registered domestic partners are same-sex couples who have filed an official Declaration of Domestic Partnership with a county clerk in Oregon. The Oregon Family Fairness Act of 2007 requires all rights and privileges extended to members of a married family be extended registered domestic partners, including eligibility for the Oregon Opportunity Grant.

Domestic Partnerships and Oregon Opportunity Grant

Provisions of the Oregon Family Fairness Act apply only to state-funded programs, not to federal programs. OSAC's administration of the Oregon Opportunity Grant program ensures that students in Registered Domestic Partnerships are treated the same as married students in determining their eligibility for a grant and students whose parent is in a Registered Domestic Partnership will be treated the same as a student with married parents.

How to Apply

If you or your parent(s) are in a Registered Domestic Partnership when you file your FAFSA and you are eligible for an Oregon Opportunity Grant, you should also complete the Oregon Opportunity Grant Domestic Partnership Reporting Form (PDF). OSAC will use the information provided on the form to determine your new award amount and will automatically contact your financial aid office to update award packages.