FAFSA/ORSAA Completion, Outreach, and More...

The HECC’s Office of Student Access and Completion (OSAC) works in partnership with high schools, community-based organizations, and other college support programs to increase FAFSA and ORSAA completion rates.

A key tool in this effort is the FAFSA Plus+ Data Sharing, which provides student-level data on FAFSA completion. This includes who has or has not completed the FAFSA and the students verification and rejection statuses. At this time, ORSAA data is not available through this program.  

The FAFSA Plus+ Data Sharing application is a non-competitive submission for collecting information for account creation. Must be an eligible school or entity in Oregon to qualify. Completion of a Data Sharing Agreement is required as a part of the getting started process. 

FAFSA Plus+ Training & Overview Video 

Apply for FAFSA Plus+ Data Sharing  

Additionally, career/college access staff may request outreach assistance through OSAC. To request an event, visit our Outreach Presentations page to submit a request. You may request from a list of event options, presentation topics, or submit a general request and staff can work with you to tailor an event to fit your needs. Presentations can be created for students & families or staff training purposes. 

OSAC Outreach Presentation Request Form

Unsure if you are a part of FAFSA Plus+ Data Sharing or have other questions? Email FAFSAplus@HECC.oregon.gov for more information.