High School Program Toolbox

The ASPIRE High School Program Toolkit connects you with information about running an ASPIRE site, supporting mentors, supporting students, and reporting.

Site Administration

The site administration page connects you with the resources to support the ASPIRE program in your high school or community based organization (CBO).

Mentor Management

Mentors play a crucial role in many ASPIRE programs. This section of the toolkit includes a wealth of information for supporting volunteer mentors including: 

  • Mentor recruitment
  • Orientation and training
  • Matching mentors with students,
  • Recognizing and retaining mentors

Student Management

Students and learners are the foundation for all ASPIRE programs, supporting the future success of students is why we are here. This section of the toolkit includes information for supporting the students including: 

  • Student recruitment
  • Student enrollment
  • Matching students with mentors
  • Student retention 
  • and more

Student Management

Reporting and Surveys

Reporting, surveys and, paperwork are an important part of the ASPIRE program and they help us share important information to our stakeholders and community. This section of the toolkit includes information about required reporting and surveys that ASPIRE sites need to complete.

  • Progress reports
  • Student participation lists 
  • Annual surveys
  • and more