Our publications provide useful and timely information about financial aid, Oregon grant programs and, college access. Use our publications at your back-to-school nights, college fairs, and more. Get students excited about going to college and finding ways to pay for their education. 

Order Publications

You can order posters, brochures and, booklets directly from OSAC. These publications are free and will be mailed directly to you. 

OSAC Poster

This poster is a quick reminder for students to apply for financial aid, including the FAFSA/ORSAA, grants, and scholarships. English and Spanish versions are available.

OSAC Brochure

This brochure provides an overview of OSAC programs and financial aid opportunities for Oregon students including a timeline of important dates. English and Spanish versions are available.

ECMC Booklet

This booklet contains information to help high school students prepare for postsecondary education, choose a college, and apply for financial aid. Includes financial aid issues such as filing a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), sources of federal and state aid, and eligibility criteria. The Oregon information section contains details about funding programs administered by OSAC.

Available in English and Spanish.

Download Publications

You can download and print a variety of handouts including our OSAC Updates, program updates and, student budgets. 

OSAC Updates

This handout provides an update on OSAC programs, deadlines for financial aid opportunities, college fair dates, and more.

Oregon Promise Grant Handout

This handout provides information on rolling deadlines, eligibility requirements, and application guidelines for the Oregon Promise Grant

ORSAA Tip Sheet

This resource is a quick guide to the Oregon Student Aid Application (ORSAA) and how to complete it. 

2022-23 Standard Student Budgets

This document lists the estimated average cost of students attending various Oregon postsecondary institutions.

Careers Magazine

These publications are aimed at the career planning needs of students. They contain information about how to select and prepare for a career.  Available in English and Spanish. 

College Goal Oregon Publications

You can order College Goal Oregon promotional material including posters and two different postcard designs to choose from.  For specific event material please see the College Goal Oregon section of the website.

College Goal Oregon General Poster

This poster is a general recruitment announcement for College Goal Oregon events. Click here for specific event posters.

College Goal Oregon Postcard- Collegiate Design

This College Goal Oregon postcard features a simple design and has space on the back page to list your event date, time, and location.

College Goal Oregon Postcard- Graduation Design

This College Goal Oregon postcard features a graduation themed design and has space on the back page to list your event date, time, and location.