ASPIRE Career Toolkit

The ASPIRE Career Toolkit connects you with information about career exploration, career and technical education, apprenticeships, and military service.

Career Exploration

Learn about different careers and figure out which match your skills and interests.  Then learn what you need to do to get one of these jobs.

Career Technical Education

Career Technical Education provides direct instruction in a variety of careers that can help you prepare for college, apprenticeship programs, military service, or land a job. CTE courses are also a great way to explore different career options.


Apprenticeship's unique combination of classroom training and on-the-job experience means that individuals who participate in apprenticeship programs can quickly enter their desired career ready to succeed. 

Military Service

Military careers span nearly every career cluster and job function. With the vast number of jobs available in the military you can find one that meets your interests and abilities.

Financial Literacy

ASPIRE Coordinators often wear many hats. We want to offer some great resources for those coordinators who find themselves supporting financial literacy.