ASPIRE Mini Lessons

ASPIRE mini lessons are short worksheets or games that can be used to help students learn more about a particular topic related to postsecondary education.

Middle School and Early High School Mini-Lessons

The following mini-lessons were designed to support career awareness and to encourage students to think about postsecondary education. These mini-lessons are appropriate for students as young as middle school but can also be adapted to support high school students. 

Career Maze
Career Crossword
College Map
Life After High School
This or That?

Activities to Support Building a Career and College Readiness Culture

The following activities are appropriate for buildings to use to help build a career and college readiness culture. These activities are inclusive of college, technical careers, military service, and other postsecondary pathways.

I Went To....

Scholarship Mini-Lessons

These mini-lessons help students prepare to complete scholarship applications. These mini-lessons can be used with students in early high school or during their senior year.

The Activities Chart