Career Exploration

Career exploration is the process of discovering what careers match your skills and interests and then mapping out the education or training needed to get there. Career exploration also includes understanding the process of finding and obtaining a job.

Career Exploration Resources

Use the resources below to learn more about career options. Determine which careers seem interesting and learn pay and salary information, the outlook for your future career, and what education you will need to be successful.

Career Search Engines
Virtual Opportunities
Job Searches

Skill Building

Understanding what skills are needed to get a job is critical, but what happens if your skills and experience don't entirely match what employers are looking for? 

Unpaid work like volunteering, job shadows, and internships are excellent ways to not only gain relevant job experience and put your skills to the test but it also communicates to future employers that you are serious about working (it also looks good on college applications and scholarship applications).

Community Service/Volunteering
Employability Skills

Resumes and Interviewing

Communicating your skills, abilities, talents and, personality is the job of resumes and interviews. Resumes and interviews are two critical parts of getting a job. Through the resume and interview process you will share how you are qualified for a job and what makes you unique. It is also your chance to see if the job or company will be a good fit for you.


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