ASPIRE Toolbox and Resources

The ASPIRE Toolbox includes resources to support your postsecondary plans. The ASPIRE Toolbox contains information about exploring career options, navigating the college admissions process, paying for college, tools to support apprenticeship and trade careers, and tools to help you stay organized. 

New Resources
What's New

New Video: Promising Practices for Middle School Programs. This video is a recording of our March 14th ASPIRE Coordinator Connections for Middle School Programs. During this video we discuss several ideas adding career and college readiness activities into your middle school. 

Promising Practices for Middle School Programs- ASPIRE Coordinator Connections

College Application and Exploration Resources

The college application and exploration section of the ASPIRE Toolbox includes tools to help you learn more about colleges and what majors they offer. This part of the toolkit also includes tools to help you get ready to apply for college. 

For more detailed information check out our College Toolkit.

Applying for College
Exploring College

Careers and Exploring Resources

The careers section of the ASPIRE Toolbox includes a variety of resources to help you learn more about different career clusters and occupations and which ones might be a good fit with your skills and abilities.  This section includes a variety of career search engines, personality indicators, information on volunteering and more.

For more detailed information check out our Career Toolkit.

Exploring Interests

Financial Aid Resources

The financial aid resources of the ASPIRE Toolbox includes resources to help you complete a FAFSA including information about the rejection and verification process, links to relevant training, and even a link to the test FAFSA. Additionally, this section includes information on ORSAA completion and other financial aid resources. 

For more information check out the Grants or FAFSA/ORSAA section of the website.

Financial Aid Resources

Scheduling Tools and Trackers

The scheduling tools and trackers section of the ASPIRE Toolbox includes resources to help you stay organized. This section includes tools you can use to help remind students about upcoming ASPIRE visits, tools to help students prepare for future ASPIRE meetings, and event trackers to help students stay on top of their postsecondary plans.

Scheduling Tools
Student Trackers

About Mini Lessons

ASPIRE mini lessons are short worksheets or games that can be used to help students learn more about a particular topic related to postsecondary education. These activities can be used in a classroom setting with a large or small group of students, used by ASPIRE mentors with their students, or students can use then on their own. They are adaptable based on setting, student level, or facilitator need.

The Middle School Collection of ASPIRE mini lessons contains a set of five lessons that focus on career exploration and introducing a variety of postsecondary pathways. You can learn more about each of the mini lessons below. 

Career Maze
Career Crossword
College Map
Life After High School
This or That?


Use the links below to access copies of some of our more popular presentations. Remember you can always request to have an OSAC staff member facilitate the presentation for you by using our outreach request form.

  • New Junior Jumpstart- This presentation provides an overview of career and college readiness information that juniors in high school need to know.